How to Bet Parlays

A parlay allows you to roll multiple selections into a single wager in a bid to generate a large profit. Read on to learn how parlays work and how to place one at an online sportsbook.

What is a Parlay?

Let’s say you make predictions on a four different NFL games taking place on a particular Sunday:

  • The Steelers to cover the spread against the Vikings at odds of -110
  • The Titans to cover against the Jaguars (-110)
  • The Seahawks to cover against the Texans (-110)
  • The Chiefs to cover against the Raiders (-110)

If you had $20 to bet with, you could divide your bankroll in four and bet $5 on each of those selections. If all four teams covered, you would earn an overall profit of $18.20, which is pretty good.

However, a potentially more lucrative alternative would be to roll all four selections together into a single parlay. If you wagered $20 on all four teams to cover in a four-leg parlay, you would earn a profit of $245.67.

If just one team lets you down, the parlay fails, so it is risky. However, it can be very profitable, as the profit from each correct prediction rolls onto the next prediction, and your overall profit compounds.

How to Place a Parlay

It is very easy to place a parlay. Just find a selection you want to bet on and click on it. The selection will then be added to your bet slip.

Click on multiple selections to add them to your bet slip, and the option to place a parlay will appear.

You can then enter the amount you would like to wager on the parlay, check you are happy with the potential profit if each selection proves correct, and then click to confirm the bet.